How To Conserve Water Essay

                                                                                                                                                                              Pricilla Gallegos /  September  24,2011

How To Conserve Water

               Do you play with water at home?  Then you must not know how to conserve Water.  Conserving water is an easy way to to help you and the environment.  It helps you because it gives you some money and it helps save the world.   Saving water is very important because even though water does not run out we are limited of what we can use.  So keep reading to learn how to Conserve Water at home.

               Do you enjoy taking long 20 minute showers?  Well did you know that if everyone takes 20 minute showers that we are wasting over 150,000,000 gallons of water every day! However if we shorten showers by at least 5 minutes we would reduce the number of gallons we use by  more than half. If you can’t take shorter showers then you can always turn the water off when your soaping and why would you have it on.  Do you really need it on anyway?

               Do you play in the hose on a hot day?  Well you should reconsider because playing in the hose for even fifteen minutes wastes a lot of water. I know it is really fun and everything but when you play with the hose then you are washing fertilizers right down to the ocean and killing the animals in the ocean.  Now does it sound like fun?  That is how it can effect the ocean but do you know how it will effect your parents’ wallet?  It is not pretty when you want something new they’re not going to buy you what you want because they have to save for  the water bill.  So if you don’t want that to happen don’t play with the hose.

               When do you think it is a good time to water your lawn?  Well to you it’s probably when ever you are told right?  That my friend is the wrong answer.  If you do it during the day all the water will just evaporate.  However, when you water the lawn at dawn or when the sun is going down the water will absorb into the plants instead of evaporating (A.K.A) wasting water. It’s also a good way of getting out of a chore until sun down.;)

               Those are only a few of the thousands of ways to help save money and water for the planet.  So the next time you want to do any of those things just think of it this way when you save water you save money for you or your parents.  Please take these things serious because water is technically not free So be someone who is willing to save water.


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